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ESR Testing Starter Pack- DISPETTE™ 2 Saline & 5-place ESR Stand

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Special Starter Pack! DISPETTE™ 2 Saline & 5 Place ESR Stand 
The DISPETTE™ 2 Saline offers:
  • Triple Protection Overflow Chamber
  • Prefilled with saline diluent
  • Increased operator safety
  • Safe disposal
The DISPETTE™ 2 tube is manufactured to the specifications of the Westergren ESR method. The capped blue filling reservoir is prefilled 0.25mL 0.9% saline diluent. 1 Box comes with 100 triple-plugged pipettes, and 100 pre-filled reservoirs. 
The 5Place ESR Stand offers:
Ideally suited to the Doctor's office as well as the laboratory. This stand incorporates a wrap-around design for draught protection and two-point securing for the Dispette and filling reservoir assembly. A levelling bubble and adjustable screws enable the user to ensure that the Dispette tubes are precisely vertical.