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DISPETTE™ 2 ESR Test Kit - triple-plugged pipettes & 0.25mL 3.2% Citrate pre-filled reservoirs

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The DISPETTE™ 2 is the most sophisticated disposable ESR system by Guest Scientific. 

Autozero Westergren ESR System. Made in Switzerland.

  • The capped blue filling reservoir is prefilled 0.25mL 3.2% Trisodium Citrate.
  • Triple Protection Overflow Chamber
  • Increased operator safety
  • Safe disposal

The reliable and safe choice for the qualitative estimation of the Westergren erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR). Made from shatter-proof polysterene, the DISPETTE 2 features a graduated scale from 0 to 190mm and is manufactured to Westergren dimensions with an inner bore of 2.55mm.

Designed to accommodate accidental overfilling and prevent blood spillage. The unique triple plugged overflow chamber levels the blood column correctly at the zero mark and buffers the upward force of the blood sample. The entire assembly is discarded without separation, which provides an extra measure of safety for the operator and disposal staff.

1 Box comes equipped with 100 Triple-Plugged Dispette™ Brand Pipettes, and 100 Pre-filled reservoirs. Compatible Stand and Rack available in our product list. 


Model FH1600 (Saline), FH1650 (Citrate)
Application For qualitative estimation of the Westergren Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
Contents 100 plugged ESR pipettes, 100 prefilled reservoirs
Material Polystyrene
Compliance ISO 13079, CLSI & ICSH
Disposable Yes
CLIA Complexity Waived
The Dispette 2 Kit is also available with Saline Pre-filled reservoirs. 
The Dispette 1 Kit allows operator to chose diluant, as it comes with uncapped, unfilled reservoirs.