Comet Radiation Safety Glasses, 0.75mmLE Front & 0.50mmLE Sidestrips complete protection

Regular price $250.00

A sleek and versatile relative to the ProGuard Leaders, the Comet is an affordable option providing excellent coverage against x-ray. The Comets unique side shield configuration allows for lead shielding to be placed around the lens area, providing a complete seal from scatter radiation. 

Available Colors: Blue, Gray/Orange, Pink

  • Model: RE-COMET
  • CE Marked: Yes
  • Front Lens: 0.75mm Lead Glass 
  • Side Shields: 0.50mm Pb Strips 
  • Weight : 78.3g 
  • Frame Size: 59-19-114

Lead Glasses proudly manufactured by ProTech Medical in South Florida USA, an ISO certified company with over 30 years radiation safety experience