Flexback with CoolGuard Upgrades Radiation & X-Ray imaging Apron - 0.50mm LE Premium Lead Free Lightweight Apron - Customizable!

Regular price $570.00

Representing the gold standard for Protech's quality, the CoolGuard Flexback apron provides enhanced back relief and comfort with its excellent weight distribution.

Criss-cross back straps are specially designed with elastic to "flex" the apron's weight burden off your shoulders to your hips, thereby providing support to your lower back.A velcro backstrap is also included to secure apron around your shoulder area and prevent sliding. 

The CoolGuard Air mesh upgrade enables natural ventilation of apron's interior and back shoulders, re-engineering operator comfort! 

  • Coolguard, Ultra lightweight Tech Fabric, matching Thyroid Collar and 21 character embroidery built into this cost. 
  • Lead Free core material is highly flexible x-ray protective material made up of a more concentrated blend of antimony, bismuth, and plasticizers.
  • Approximately 42% lighter than your average Lead apron (with mesh options and tech fabrics)!
  • ASTM, IEC & CE Certified material & manufacturer
  • Industry favorite due to weight, style and quality

** Because we have so many materials/color options available (and this webshop won't allow for that qty of variants), you will receive an e-mail after your order asking for color & binding specifications on your item.**