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  • Seam-to-seam, standardized protection in the front (no change in protection at overlap)
  • Adjustable Buckle closures ensure a secure fit
  • Non-slip backing on skirt interior to reduce slippage and improve fit
  • Premium foam padding in shoulders for extra comfort
  • Comes with apron pocket

Clearance Apron Characteristics

  • Apron Style: Balance Vest Skirt Apron – Full Protection
  • Gender + Size: Female + X-Large
  • Protection (thickness): 0.35mm (front)/0.25mm (back) LE
  • Core Material: Premier Lead-Free 
  • Fabric Colors: Black Ripstop (Exterior), Black Nylon + Coolguard Spandex (Interior), Teal Binding
  • Manufacture Date: 7/15/2019
  • Apron Notes: Skirt Pocket; Velcro patch above pocket; “Interventional Radiology” embroidered on pocket
  • CE Certified: Yes

Please Note, all clearance apron sales are final.

Our Proguard clearance aprons are the perfect option for those who need their radiation protection apparel fast and affordable. So why are these items clearanced? Simple. We make mistakes (sometimes). Those mistakes are usually just an incorrect fabric color, core material or size for an order. No foul play here! Most of these aprons have never even left the facility. So you get a brand new, Proguard quality apron for just a fraction of the price. Plus, we’re not really into the “wasting” thing, so we love seeing our apron misfits find their forever homes. Sounds like a win-win to us.
We update our clearance list regularly, so if you didn’t see anything suited to you, check back another time.