ProGuard Radiation Attenuation Gloves


A healthcare worker could receive more than twice the annual limit of radiation exposure simply by holding the head of a trauma patient four times per week with unshielded hands during cervical spine radiography (National Center for Biotechnology). The National Council on Radiation Protection & Measurements recommends an annual limit of occupational radiation exposure to the skin, hands, and feet at 500 milli-sievert.


The Proguard glove brand focuses on uniquely balancing tactile sensitivity, protection, and comfort. With a 30 year proven record in quality and comfort, our comprehensive range of gloves has carefully expanded to meet the growing needs of healthcare professionals.

In addition to our sterile, fluoroscopic procedure gloves, we have multiple patient positioning and veterinary style gloves available in various protection options and colors.

PROGUARD ATTENUATION GLOVES - Protech Medical radiation safety surgical gloves