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Protech specializes in premium, customized aprons which maximize comfort and reduce weight. Our highly trained, professional sewing team produces tailored aprons according to your needs and strives to innovate new and improved designs that suit you. 
Our commitment to quality means our aprons are backed by a 2 year warranty and tested regularly to the highest standards of ASTM 3094 and IEC 61331-1.


There are a number of things to consider before you buy your apron. Most notably, you should think about the apron style (front or full protection), the level of protection (core material and thickness) as well as the apron's weight.

Frontal Aprons: frontal aprons only have protection in the front, but are far more forgiving than full protection aprons. Since they contain less protective material, they tend to be lighter than full protection aprons. We always recommend the Flexback frontal apron.
Full Protection Aprons: Full protection aprons protect you from the front to the back. More protective material means they tend to be heavier, however, there is great diversity with full protection aprons. There can be up to a 15% difference in weight depending on which style you choose. Proper fitting, full protection aprons are also critical to ensure protection, comfort, and longevity.

Your apron provides life-saving protection from x-ray. Contributing factors such as lead equivalency/thickness, style choice, and core material play critical roles in how your apron protects you.
Lead Equivalency: The biggest factor for x-ray protection is the lead equivalency/thickness of the inner protective material and whether to choose 0.50mm LE, 0.35mm LE, or 0.25mm LE. For procedures that are prolonged and that expose you to higher levels of kVp, it is important to use an apron with 0.50mm LE. For more moderate procedures and exposure, 0.35 and 0.25 can be considered.

Your protection should always be balanced with comfort and weight is a big determinant of comfort. It is important to consider how your back will feel and whether you can even wear an apron for a long time. Certain styles such as the FlexbackBack Relief and Wraparound Back Relief have specific design features (i.e. backstrap, back relief belt, elastic back) for improved back support.
The biggest factors for determining weight are: Core Materials, Lead Equivalence/Thickness, Apron Style and even Fabrics. For example, if you wanted the lightest apron, you would choose a frontal style with our Premier Lead Free inner material (approximately 23% lighter than lead) in 0.25mm LE and a Coolguard Fabric.

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