Apollo Quickship Dental Apron

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The Apollo Quickship line offers high quality, radiation safety apparel ready to ship within 24 hours. The Apollo Dental apron offers 0.30mm LE Front Protection and is made with our easy-to-clean, Satinguard antimicrobial fabric on both the exterior and interior. It also comes with an attached, velcro thyroid collar.

Offering 0.30mm LE frontal protection, the Apollo Dental apron features an attached thyroid collar and two loops at the end of each shoulder tab for easy apron storage. The Dental apron itself does not close. It is available in both adult (28″ W x 31″ L) and pediatric sizes (24″ W x 23″ L).

Dental Apron Characteristics
  • Apron Type: Frontal Protection
  • Front Protection (thickness): 0.30mm LE
  • Back Protection (thickness): None
  • Core Material Options: Standard Lead
  • CE Certified: No
  • Closure Type: None
  • Customization Options: 2 lines of embroidery on shoulder for name tag
  • Fabric: Satinguard anti-microbial fabric (light grey and black)