Apollo Quickship Vest & Skirt Apron

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The Apollo Quickship line offers high quality, radiation safety apparel ready to ship within 24 hours. The Apollo Vest Skirt apron offers 0.50mm LE protection in the front and 0.25mm LE in the back. This apron is made with our easy-to-clean, Satinguard antimicrobial fabric on both the exterior and interior and comes with a matching, velcro thyroid collar secured via buckle attachment.

Be prepared for prolonged procedures with the Vest Skirt apron. The two piece design reduces back fatigue by shifting 70% of the weight directly to the hips. Comes with discreet apron pocket in front of vest. The Apollo Vest Skirt Apron features 0.50mm LE protection in the front and 0.25mm LE protection in the back.

Apollo Vest Skirt Apron Characteristics

  • Apron Type: Full Protection
  • Front Protection (thickness): 0.50mm LE
  • Back Protection (thickness): 0.25mm LE
  • Core Material Options: Lead or Prolite LeadFree
  • CE Certified: No
  • Closure Type: Velcro and Buckle
  • Customization Options: 2 lines of embroidery on shoulder for name tag
  • Fabric: Satinguard anti-microbial fabric (light grey and black)
Average Vest Skirt Apron Weights

Protech makes every effort to accurately record its apron weights. Because each category is averaged, the numbers we provide in the weight chart are subject to a +/- 15% weight variance. Minor length or width adjustments, including heavier fabrics, are not differentiated and instead, averaged together. Please consider this when referencing the weight chart. Weights are measured using at 0.50mm LE core material thickness.

Small 13.48 lbs 12.29 lbs 13.48 lbs 14.60 lbs 15.30 lbs
Medium 14.77 lbs 13.90 lbs 14.77 lbs 15.45 lbs 16.46 lbs
Large 16.12 lbs 15.02 lbs 16.12 lbs 16.72 lbs 17.60 lbs
X-Large 17.45 lbs 16.08 lbs 17.45 lbs 18.01 lbs 19.81 lbs