Wrap-Around Full Overlap Radiation Safety Apron

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Offering full protection, this back relieving design transfers the weight from your shoulders to your hips with the aid of a 6” lumbar support belt. The Wrap Around Back Relief apron features velcro and buckle closures, a velcro break-away side seam for freedom of movement, and .50mm LE when the overlapping panels are engaged. The wraparound full overlap apron eliminates redundant fabric and lead; reducing unnecessary weight by 10% and increasing comfort.

***Once your order is placed, we will contact you regarding interior/exterior fabric and binding thread color*** 

Please note that all our high-quality radiation safety products are made-to-order, and therefore may take between 3-4 weeks to ship based on current lead times at moment of purchase. Thank you for your understanding. Proudly made in the USA! 

  • Model: AP-WAFO
  • CE Marked: Yes
  • Standard Core Thickness: Front - 0.50mm (LE) / Back - 0.25mm (LE)
  • Core Material Options:

    • Standard Lead
      Protech's standard lead is an affordable, highly protective lead vinyl material providing consistent x-ray protection throughout a wide range of kV. IEC certified.

    • Ultralite Lead 
      Ultralite Lead is a lightweight, flexible x-ray protection material created from a mixture of antimony, lead, and durable vinyl. Ultralite lead is roughly 13% lighter than our lead product. (aka T-lite) IEC certified.

    • ProLite Lead Free 
      Prolite Lead-Free IEC is a light weight, highly flexible x-ray protective material made up of a more concentrated blend of antimony, bismuth, and plasticizers. Prolite IEC is 15% lighter than our lead product. (aka Supreme) IEC Certified.

  • Lead Equivalence Options:  0.50mm (LE) / Back - 0.25mm (LE)
  • Closure: Velcro & Buckle 
  • Fabric Color Options: Refer to color swatch in images
  • Included Features: Buckle Set, Back Relief Belt