Custom Adult/Pediatric Dental Apron - 0.25/0.35/0.50mm LE X-Ray Radiation Safety patient protection

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This Adult/Pediatric Dental Apron features a non-slip microfiber interior material that ensures the apron lays in place over the patient. There are no closures and the thyroid collar is included on the apron. You can choose your outer (customer facing) fabric and binding thread. This product is CE Marked. 
** Due to the quantity of color options available (and this web-shop won't allow for that qty of variants), we will email you after receiving your purchase regarding color & binding preferences on your item.**  

Proudly manufactured by ProTech Medical in South Florida, USA! 
All high-quality ProTech radiation safety products are made-to-order, and therefore may take between 1-3 weeks to ship based on current lead times at moment of purchase. 

Product Information

  • CE Marked
  • Lead Time: 2-3 weeks

Radiation Protection Information

  1. Standard Core Thickness - 0.25mm Lead Equivalence (LE) 
  2. Core Material Thicknesses available: 0.25, 0.35 & 0.50
  3. Core Material Options
    1. Standard Lead - Protech's standard lead is an affordable, highly protective lead vinyl material providing consistent x-ray protection throughout a wide range of kV. IEC certified.
    2. Ultralite Lead - Ultralite Lead is a lightweight, flexible x-ray protection material created from a mixture of antimony, lead, and durable vinyl. Ultralite lead is roughly 13% lighter than our lead product. (aka T-lite) IEC certified.
    3. Prolite Lead-Free IEC - Prolite Lead-Free IEC is a light weight, highly flexible x-ray protective material made up of a more concentrated blend of antimony, bismuth, and plasticizers. Prolite IEC is 15% lighter than our lead product. (aka Supreme) IEC Certified.
    4. Bi-Layer - Our Bi-layer material is an ultra-light weight lead-free, multilayered, x-ray protective material designed with individual layers of antimony and bismuth that optimize attenuation values for k-edge protection over a wide range of kV. Bilayer is 24% lighter than our lead product and one of the lightest IEC certified materials available.

Product Information

  • Model - AP-DA
  • Sizes Available 
    • Adult - 23” W x 26” L 
    • Pediatric - 19” W x 21” L
  • Fabric Options - Nylon, Ripstop, Designer, Vinyl
  • Color Customization - Exterior & binding thread