FH1800 WINPETTE™ Wintrobe ESR Test Kit - 100 Wintrobe Pipettes & filling reservoirs

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This is the disposable version of the Wintrobe pipette, and includes a filling reservoir for operator convenience. 

Users must record results as being obtained by the Wintrobe method and be aware they will not correlate with Westergren methods.

The Wintrobe method uses a minimum of 600µl of EDTA blood sample and does not require further dilution, the pipette scale covers 0 – 100 mm in 1mm graduations and a large overflow chamber above the zero mark collects any excess blood sample.

A single Box comes equipped with 100 pipettes & 100 filling reservoirs. 


Model FH1800
Application For qualitative estimation of the Wintrobe Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
Contents 100 plugged ESR pipettes, 100 reservoirs
Material Polystyrene
Disposable Yes
CLIA Complexity Waived


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