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Diagnostic x-ray procedures frequently require working personnel to remain in the examination room, where they are subject to exposure from secondary radiation. The clear leaded acrylic barrier can provide total-body x-ray shielding during extended procedures. Our clear acrylic barrier rests on an opaque lower panel with smooth-rolling casters giving the barrier great mobility. Its full clear window gives you a modern alternative to old fashioned x-ray barriers. The acrylic lead barrier is shipped unassembled but can be easily assembled using a screwdriver and wrench.

MADE IN USA: Protech's Mobile Lead-Free Acrylic X-ray Barrier is fully made and assembled in the USA and is Barry Amendment Compliant.

  • Model - MB/FULL
  • Radiation Protection: X-ray Acrylic is 0.50mm LE / Lead Glass is 2.2mm LE / Metal Base is 0.50mm Pb
  • Features: Lead Free Acrylic, or Gamma Radiation Glass, Medical Grade Casters, Durable & Sturdy
  • Window Dimensions - 55"H x 28"W
  • Barrier Dimensions - 72"H x 28"W
  • Weight - Starts at 100 lbs