Full Radiation Safety Face Shield - 0.10mm Lead impregnated acrylic radiation splash mask

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The Full Face Shield utilizes a 0.10mm Lead impregnated acrylic shield suspended from a dual adjustable headpiece. This Lead face shield provides additional x-ray protection due to its larger Lead impregnated shield. Because of the multi-adjustable headpiece, you can angle the mask to protect from radiation in many different positions as well as adjust the size to comfortably fit your head.

*Mask should be worn with leaded eyewear protection.

Product Information

  1. Model - 450FPM
  2. Lens Type - N/A
  3. Weight - 450 grams
  4. Special
    • CE Marked
    • ISO Certified Company
    • ANSI Z87 approved

Radiation Protection

  • Front Shield - 0.10mm Lead Acrylic

Frame Information

  1. Regular Frame Size - Adjustable Head Pieces
  2. Frame Type - Face Shield
  3. Frame Material - Plastic


A Panoramic Lead-impregnated Face Shield is also available in our product selection.