Custom Graduated Porta Shield Mobile Radiation X-Ray Barrier, Radiation Safety

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The graduated porta shield is similar to the porta shield but differentiates itself with its individual lead flaps. The flaps provide excellent versatility and usage. They are attached by Velcro which enable easy removal for cleaning.

*** All products are made per order and take approximately 3-4 weeks to process and manufacture.  After placing your order we will contact you for preferred print/color and binding thread color. 


General Information

  • CE Marked
  • Time to Manufacture & Ship - 3-4 weeks
  • Weight - Starts at 20 lbs.

Radiation Protection Information

  1. Radiation Attenuation Protection - Standard 0.50mm (Pb) Lead Equivalent Protection

  2. Core Material Options:
    1. Standard Lead - Protech's standard lead is an affordable, highly protective lead vinyl material providing consistent x-ray protection throughout a wide range of kV. IEC certified.
    2. Ultralite Lead - Ultralite Lead is a lightweight, flexible x-ray protection material created from a mixture of antimony, lead, and durable vinyl. Ultralite lead is roughly 13% lighter than our lead product. (aka T-lite) IEC certified.
    3. Prolite Lead-Free - Prolite Lead-Free IEC is a light weight, highly flexible x-ray protective material made up of a more concentrated blend of antimony, bismuth, and plasticizers. Prolite IEC is 15% lighter than our lead product. (aka Supreme) IEC Certified.

  3. Core Material Thickness Options - 0.25, 0.35, 0.50mm LE 

Product Information

  • Model - MB-PORTA-GRAD
  • Dimensions - 24” W x 17” H to 36” H
  • Height Adjustment: 34” to 60” H