Custom Half Apron for Radiology X-Ray Imaging, Protective Front Skirt

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Our Half Apron is designed to protect you from harmful radiation. Sitting down? Have a low table? Want to cover the family jewels? Have a Vest you still love but want to change the skirt? This is the perfect option for you! half apron can provide extra radiation protection.

Selling it separate also allows you to mix and match a smaller bottom half with a larger top piece or vice versa.

** Because we have so many materials/color options available (and this webshop won't allow for that qty of variants), you will receive an e-mail after your order asking for color & binding specifications on your item.**  

General Information

  • CE Marked
  • Time to Ship - 1 - 3 weeks
  • Returns - Call for more information
  • Custom Sizing - N/A

Radiation Protection

  • Core Protection - Standard 0.50 Lead (Pb) Equivalence
  • Core Material Options - Standard Lead, Ultralite Lead, Lead-Free
  • Core Material Thickness - 0.50, .35, and .25 Lead (Pb) Equivalence

Product Information

  1. Protection Coverage - Front
  2. Closures - Velcro
  3. Half Apron Sizing Information:
    1. Small - 10 x 10
    2. Medium - 18 x 16
    3. Large - 24 x 20
    4. Extra Large - 24 x 24
  4. Fabric Options - Nylon, Ripstop, Designer, Vinyl
  5. Color Customization - Exterior, Interior, Binding

Lead Protection Options

Lead Aprons

  • The lead inner material option is an affordable solution to a tight budget, though it is the heaviest of the three.
  • Attenuates 97% Direct beam radiation at 100kvp.
  • Attenuates 100% direct beam radiation at 90kvp.

Light-Weight Lead Apron

  • This lead apron contains additional metal elements to bring you a lighter, more comfortable feel.
  • The light-weight radiation protective apron is lighter than the standard lead apron with a modest increase in price. It is our most popular apron protection option.
  • Attenuates 97% Direct beam radiation at 100kvp.
  • Attenuates 100% direct beam radiation at 90kvp.

Lead-Free Aprons

  • Our lead-free radiation apron is the lightest protection option available. Premium, non lead, & envrionmentally safe, the lead-free apron is resistant to cracking and folding.
  • Attenuates 97% Direct beam radiation at 100kvp.
  • Attenuates 100% direct beam radiation at 90kvp.

Protection Information

There is very little change in the protecting capability of the three apron inner material protection options at the Kvp ranges of 75 - 100. A difference does exists, however, in the lower Kvp ranges of 30 - 45. These lower ranges are the most damaging to the human body and this little known fact is why you should choose Protech Medical. We are dedicated to premium quality products that will keep you safe.

Note - Attenuation measurements based on 100 Kvp for Protech aprons.

  • Leaded equivalent protection of .5mm thickness attenuates 98% direct beam.
  • Lead equivalent protection of .35mm thickness attenuates 96% direct beam.
  • Lead or non lead equivalent protection of .25mm thickness attenuates 92% direct beam.


We proudly stand behind our radiation safety aprons with a full guarantee on defects related to workmanship and materials for one year following the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover damage caused by abuse, neglect or use in non-medical/intended uses.