MICRO-SED™ 240µl sample pipette for ESR Westergren method Testing - ideal for pediatrics

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The micro systems designed by Guest Scientific offer the facility to make an estimation of the ESR value on very small samples of blood – i.e. 240 µl minimum.

  • Ideal for pediatrics
  • Only 240µl of blood required

The MICRO-SED™ tube is manufactured with a 1mm diameter bore but still includes the full 200 mm length of printed graduations. The micro method has been shown to correlate well with the full Westergren method, particularly in the normal range.

Where supplied, the uncapped white filling reservoir does not contain citrate or saline diluent. Operators are able to select their own preferred anticoagulant and or diluent, which must be in accordance with the classic Westergren method.