PROGUARD Classic Radiation Attenuation Surgical Glove (PG1, PG2 & PG3) - Sterile Radiation attenuating gloves

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The ProGuard Classic radiation protection glove is the predecessor to the original Protech ProGuard RR1. The PG Classic is the pinnacle of ProGuard's high-end features, which include thin, highly tactile finger tips, easy donning slip coat technology, and an ultra-flexible latex that perfectly conforms to the hand. The PG is our best radiation protection glove yet and represents a large improvement over the original RR due to modern manufacturing equipment and better quality research.

The ProGuard Classic consistently outperforms the competition in thickness vs actual protection. With the ProGuard name, you are truly getting the protection you payed for with the performance you need.

The ProGuard Classic's light tactile sensitivity and premium quality protection make it the preferred choice for doctors in the following vocations:  Radiology, Cath/EP Lab, Orthopedics, Endoscopy, Urological Procedures, Special Procedures, and Pain Management.

Powder Free, Made with Latex. 1 Box contains 5 pairs. 

  • CE Marked 
  • Anatomically Correct Finger Curvature 
  • Made with Latex: Carefully sourced latex provides the the highest tactile feedback and a smooth, easy to don texture. Our latex is washed of the antigen that causes allergic reactions ensuring a safe environment for you and your patient.
  • Cost Savings: Capitilize on great savings without compromising your protection. Compare our prices to competitors. 
  • Premium Lead: Premium Quality fine grain lead oxide provides the unique orange/brown color of the glove and provides excellent protection against radiation.